Senior Scientist I/II, Biomolecular Science/Proteomics

Senior Scientist I/II, Biomolecular Science/Proteomics

We are a close-knit, driven, and patient-focused team of drug discovery and precision oncology experts bringing a new dimension to precision oncology. We have discovered new ways to selectively inhibit oncogenic drivers with small molecules that conditionally modulate proteins in their functional state. Our conditional inhibitors are unlocking critical and elusive cancer targets including TEAD and CDK2.

We are looking for an experienced Senior Scientist I/II with hands-on expertise in proteomics and strong desire for executing on strategies aimed to identify and characterize novel ways to drug difficult targets working closely with other Cedilla scientists. As a Senior Scientist I/II you will join our growing team as a key contributor to Cedilla’s strategy to “putting proteins in context”. You will develop and use MS proteomics methods to explore the diverse proteoform pool and interactome for selected proteins of interest, in relevant biological context, to identify opportunities for therapeutic intervention.

We view you as a thoughtful scientific leader in the company, whose contributions will be critical to the success of our endeavor. Those contributions include:

  • Operate, optimize, and maintain our LC-MS platforms
  • Establish robust proteomic workflows to conduct experiments that investigate the effect of the cellular context on protein function.
  • Perform and drive analysis and interpretation of complex quantitative proteomic data.
  • Identify and integrate relevant internal and external data and knowledge resources to enable data mining in biological context.
  • Identify and characterize protein-ligand and protein-protein interactions (PLIs and PPIs) and post-translational modifications (PTMs) using state-of-the-art methods.
  • Participate and collaborate on multi-disciplinary teams to answer key scientific questions that support the selection and enablement of high value drug targets, and to characterize the mechanism of action (MoA) and in-cell engagement of small molecules. 
  • Manage external partners to complement in-house capabilities.
  • Experience with designing, implementing and analyzing HDX experiments and/or with other structural proteomic experiments (including experimental design, data collection, interpretation, and presentation) will give you immediate impact. 

Some of the highlights of your background are:

  • Ph.D. with 3+ years of relevant academia or industry experience or MS with 7+ years of industry experience
  • Expertise in sample preparation (e.g. fractionation and labeling), protein isolation (e.g. enrichment), operating state-of-the-art LC-MS systems and processing, analyzing and interpreting proteomics data.
  • Proven track record in the implementation and optimization of quantitative high-resolution mass spectrometry (qHRMS) workflows applied towards the study of PLIs, PPIs and PTMs.
  • Prior experience in Top- or Middle-Down and targeted proteomics, are highly desirable.
  • Creative and independent scientific thinking to solve complex technical and scientific problems.
  • Capable of integrating information generated from multiple sources to shape and strengthen experimental design and research hypotheses.
  • Highly self-motivated, with excellent attention to detail and strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently, yet team-oriented, capable of mentoring junior team members, and building strong relationships with peers, customers and partners/collaborators.  

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