Computational Biologist

We are a team of seasoned drug discoverers and developers on a mission to bring forward a new generation of targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer and other diseases caused by protein dysregulation. The company employs a target-centric approach, focusing on scientifically validated drivers of disease that have eluded conventional therapeutic modalities. Cedilla identifies functionally relevant proteoforms, or protein states, creating novel opportunities for therapeutic intervention.

You are an innovative and enthusiastic computational biologist eager to work with researchers across scientific disciplines and with the computational/informatics group. You will be an important part of drug discovery teams and help guide omics level data analysis to advance scientific understanding and bring therapies to patients in need.

We view you as a member of a dynamic team of multidisciplinary scientists who can work with teams both internal and external. Your role would include:

  • Analyzing proprietary omics datasets to advance understanding of drug targets and compound inhibition for oncology drug programs
  • Devising new models and algorithms using omics and genetic perturbation datasets for target selection, biomarker identification, and indication selection
  • Exploring and developing novel data visualization tools
  • Collaborating with lab scientists as a project team member to help guide downstream data analysis
  • Communicating and presenting results to biologists, computational biologists, and other scientists

Some of the highlights of your background are:

  • Ph.D. or equivalent in a quantitative discipline (such as computer science, bioinformatics, math, physics, or engineering) with biology experience, or in biology with a strong quantitative background. Industry experience is a plus
  • Experience with statistical and machine learning methods applied to biology and drug discovery
  • Experience working with common “omics” datasets, such as transcriptomic, genomic, and proteomic data
  • Proficient programming skills and computational analysis background. Experience with R and/or Python is highly desirable
  • Ability to formulate and test hypotheses by designing and implementing computational approaches independently with minimal supervision
  • Ability to effectively interpret and communicate conclusions from complex data is essential

*To apply, please submit your resume to