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Proteomics Senior Scientist

Job description

We are an energetic new company focused on harnessing intrinsic protein stability mechanisms to broaden the reach of small molecule therapeutics. By working on cancer and other diseases caused by protein dysregulation, we are working to create unique and valuable medicines.

You are an experimental scientist with expertise in quantitative proteomics analysis of diverse biological samples.  As a Proteomics Senior Scientist, you will be a key contributor to Cedilla’s growing chemical biology and proteomics platform.  You will facilitate the discovery, validation and prioritization of new targets and lead molecules, our understanding of interactome and molecular mechanism of action for protein targets, as well as candidate therapeutic chemical entities. Working closely with computational scientists, chemists and biologists to influence decision-making and research directions, you will design experiments and workflows to generate essential data as part of our novel product engine.

We view you as a key leader/scientist in the company, whose contributions will be critical to the success of our endeavor. Those contributions would include:

  • Designing proteomics strategies and conducting experiments to interrogate the effect of perturbagens on protein homeostasis.
  • Adapting established, or developing new, analytical methods to acquire various discovery proteomics data.
  • Participating on multi-disciplinary teams, collaborating with colleagues in biochemistry, biology, and chemistry to address complex technical challenges and answer key scientific questions.
  • Working closely with external partners to complement in-house capabilities.

Some of the highlights of your background are:

  • Ph.D. or equivalent with 3+ years of experience with a focus on quantitative high-resolution mass spectrometry (qHRMS) proteomics
  • Experience working in biotech or pharmaceutical industry supporting drug discovery and development
  • Proven track record in the implementation and optimization of diverse proteomics workflows using state-of-the-art MS instruments
  • Hands-on experience with proteomics sample preparation, including affinity- or activity-based enrichment methods towards target and drug discovery
  • Creative and independent scientific thinking to solve complex technical and scientific problems. Capable of integrating information generated from multiple sources to shape and strengthen experimental design and research hypotheses
  • Highly self-motivated, with excellent attention to detail and strong organizational and communication (oral and written) skills. Ability to work and lead cross-functionally and build strong relationships with peers, customers and partners/collaborators, as well as manage and mentor

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