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Senior Research Associate, Biology

Job description

We are looking for a senior research associate, biology

We are looking for you!

We are an energetic new company focused on harnessing intrinsic protein stability mechanisms to broaden the reach of small molecule therapeutics. By working on cancer and other diseases caused by protein dysregulation, we have an opportunity to create unique and valuable new medicines.

You are a highly motivated senior research associate with intellectual curiosity and a drive to discover and validate drug targets and develop innovative cellular assays to enable cancer drug discovery.  The successful candidate will be a consummate team player who seeks a highly scientifically rigorous environment for their career development in drug discovery.

We view you as an important scientist in the company, whose contributions will be critical to the success of our endeavor. Those contributions would include:

  • Independently design, develop and execute cancer biology experiments focused on the identification and validation of new drug targets
  • Independently design, develop and execute cellular assays to support drug discovery programs and characterize mechanism of action for drug candidates
  • Proactively review literature to bring in newest scientific findings, ideas, and methods/technologies for discovery research
  • Interpret, summarize and present research findings in internal scientific meetings
  • Actively participate in and collaborate with multidisciplinary drug discovery teams

Highlights of your background include:

  • BS/ MS in cell & molecular biology or genetics plus a minimum of 5 years of experience in an industry setting with a proven track record of productivity and creativity
  • Exceptional cell biology skills with expertise in cancer biology and drug discovery
  • Expertise with all or some of the following: cell-based assays, including CRISPR, siRNA & lentiviral shRNA gene knockdown, phenotypic and mechanistic cellular assays, Q-RT-PCR, cell proliferation, apoptosis, Western blotting/ELISA, cellular immunostaining, flow cytometry/FACS analysis
  • Expertise in molecular biology and cloning
  • Ability to work within a dynamic, matrixed environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as strong organizational and problem-solving abilities

You are not just an amazing senior research associate, you’re the whole package!

How do I apply?

Please send your resume and anything else you would like to share to

About Us

Cedilla is leveraging a growing understanding of the principles that dictate protein stability and applying those principles to target proteins that drive cancer and other diseases. Cedilla’s integrated product engine includes target-centric and unbiased approaches and is designed to produce small molecule therapeutics that degrade protein targets. Although degradation by small molecules has been observed serendipitously, degradation as a mechanism of action has not been pursued systematically in small molecule drug discovery.

We were launched in April 2018 and are backed by Third Rock Ventures.

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