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Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry

Job description

Cedilla Therapeutics is a new company focused on harnessing intrinsic protein stability mechanisms to expand the reach of small molecule therapeutics.  Focusing on diseases caused by protein dysregulation, in ways that are distinct from other approaches, provides an opportunity to create unique and valuable new medicines for patients in need.  This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast-paced start-up environment, and candidates who are keen experimentalists, enthusiastic, creative, and have a passion for drug discovery should apply.

We are looking for a scientist with broad expertise in medicinal chemistry and small molecule drug discovery.  You will help lead our internal programs from target selection and hit finding through to clinical candidate selection.  Intellectual and scientific curiosity, flexibility, personal motivation and drive are key attributes for all members of our team.

We view you as an important team member whose contributions will be critical to our success.  Those contributions will include:

  • Responsibility for the design of compounds that lead to the identification of high-quality drug candidates for clinical development.
  • Serving as a source of synthetic chemistry expertise.
  • Integrating aspects of the entire drug discovery value chain, and incorporating disparate data and concepts from biochemistry, cell biology, biophysical methods, structure-based drug design, ADME/PK, pharmacology and toxicology.
  • Developing and prioritizing strategies to overcome challenging drug discovery hurdles in an efficient and creative manner.
  • Managing external chemists and collaborations to solve synthetic problems, maximize efficiency, and expedite the invention of novel molecules.
  • Effectively communicating program progress against goals in a multi-disciplinary setting.
  • Actively following and integrating scientific advancements from the literature into the appropriate area(s) of internal research interest.

Some of the highlights of your background are:

  • Demonstrable examples of leadership within small molecule drug discovery projects.
  • Ability to quickly identify and articulate critical drug discovery questions and define clear experimental or operational plans to address them.
  • Thorough knowledge of the drug discovery process, with expertise in all major aspects of medicinal chemistry, including modern synthetic methods, target-oriented synthesis, structure- and property-based design, and multi-parameter optimization.
  • Record of successful problem-solving as evidenced by publications and patents.
  • Experience managing external chemistry resources is a plus.
  • Degree in Organic Chemistry with at least 5 years of relevant pharmaceutical industry experience and multiple project leader roles (e.g.-Ph.D. and 5 years of experience; M.S. and 9 years of experience).

Other characteristics & traits you possess:

  • High degree of cross-functional scientific knowledge and ability to work within cross-functional teams.
  • Fluidly moving between roles as an independent contributor, a leader, and as part of a team.
  • Highly collaborative and self-motivated with a desire for continuous learning.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

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